Kirk D Pearson Construction IS Billion Dollar Builders

I grew up in a small farming community. A subdivision was begun in a field not too far from our home. As a young boy, this provided much scrap lumber for us to make things - from birdhouses to clubhouses. I remember climbing on top of foundation walls and throwing dirt clods into the basement and watching them explode as they hit the floor.

I have never lost my desire to build - from birdhouses to beautiful homes. Every time we start a new home and look over the foundation to see fresh dirt clods exploded on the floor, we talk about how great it was to be a kid and how thankful we are to be doing what we love. We have a great crew who has been together for many years. Each of us keeps up on the latest technology in construction. It's such a fascinating wonder to see the changes and advancements in cutting edge technology that make each house an individual custom home.

There are many great craftsmen in Utah and we have aligned ourselves with the best. They love what they do and it really shows.

It used to be that homeowners were given a few color choices to make and I guess with some builders that may still be the case. We'll help you decide where to put specialty lights, make sure your hinges on your doors match the decorative lead in your front door window and so many other integral features. After you're done, you'll sit back and be amazed at all the little details that have come together to make your home uniquely yours.


We take your security & privacy seriously.

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